Damien Demolder tries to look beyond the wow factor of Nikon’s newest compact camera that can project images to 40in across a wall

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Nikon S1000pj

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Nikon S1000pj review


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The projector

Unlikely to light up a room in your local village hall, the projector built into the S1000pj has a power rating of 10 lumens, a life of 1 hour on the camera’s battery and a range (throw) of 26cm to 2m. At that furthest distance the projector can produce a picture of about 40in across the diagonal.

In a darkened domestic lounge or dining room, with a suitably white wall or ceiling, the picture is surprisingly clear and bright, but getting the picture square on is not so easy. The colours are really very good, as is the sharpness of the manually focused image, though the slight fringing and VGA resolution take the gloss off a little.

This is a ‘for fun’ device that makes an impression even in indoor daylight and it isn’t really designed to be a sure way of proofing one’s images – although the experience of seeing your pictures enlarged on a wall is a great help in determining their worth.

An ability to project PowerPoint presentations and so on would have made this a best-selling business tool as well as a fun party camera. And an auto image rotate feature would make tripod-mounted scrolling less frustrating, though of course upright images would become smaller.

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