Nikon’s latest advanced compact, the Coolpix P7700, has some significant upgrades over its predecessor, not least a 12.2-million-pixel CMOS sensor and a redesigned lens. Read the Nikon Coolpix P7700 review...

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Nikon Coolpix P7700

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Nikon Coolpix P7700 review


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LCD and video

One of the biggest changes in the Nikon Coolpix P7700 is the switch from a tilting LCD screen in the P7100 to a fully articulated screen in the P7700. This should please Nikon users, given that Canon has removed the articulated screen from its new PowerShot G15.

The 3in, 921,000-dot screen of the P7700 is bright, but with a high contrast and dense blacks. It has also a high viewing angle, although as the screen is articulated this isn’t such a major feature. The articulation also helps the screen to be positioned out of the way of any reflections, which should aid shooting in bright sunlight.

Video is of a reasonably high standard, with full HD 1080p capture possible, and stereo microphone sockets are built in.

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