Lytro Illum

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The Lytro Illum is a unique camera featuring Light Field technology that allows images to be refocused after shooting. Andy Westlake investigates its exciting potential

Lytro Illum review – Depth of field

The software’s second big trick is to be able to adjust the image’s depth of field using an aperture slider. This offers settings from f/1 to f/16 – despite the camera only having an f/2 lens. As you increase the f-number the depth of field increases, just as you’re used to seeing from a conventional camera.

As you can see from the sequence below, this genuinely works. I’ve developed the same file at f/1, f/2 and f/16, with the depth of field increasing visibly through them even at this rather small print size.

The ‘Virtual camera’ controls go a step further, allowing you to replicate the effects of a tilt lens, for example, to generate ‘fake miniature’ effects.

Lytro Illum diorama-f1

Lytro Illum diorama f1, focused in centre

Lytro Illum diorama f2

Lytro Illum diorama f2, focused in centre

Lytro Illum diorama f16

Lytro Illum diorama f16, focused in centre

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