Lytro Illum

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The Lytro Illum is a unique camera featuring Light Field technology that allows images to be refocused after shooting. Andy Westlake investigates its exciting potential

Lytro Illum review – Focus

The Lytro Desktop software allows you to refocus the image, simply by clicking on any area of the scene you want to appear sharp. In the example below, I’ve developed three still images from a single raw file, each of which is focused at different depths within the scene.

The image can’t be freely refocused from close-up to infinity, but instead only within a particular depth of field equivalent, stopping the lens down to f/16. It’s therefore imperative to focus carefully using the depth histogram.

While here I’ve demonstrated refocusing to different depths in a still life,  this approach can be used with erratically moving subjects. So long as they fall within the refocusable depth, they can be brought into selective focus.

Lytro Illum f1 background

F1, focused on background

Lytro Illum F1 mid

F1, focused in middle

Lytro Illum F1 front

F1, focused on foreground

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