With a rich heritage, the X70 from Fujifilm has a lot going for it. Phil Hall sees if it can live up to expectations

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Fujifilm X70 review


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Fujifilm X70 review – LCD Display


In an effort to make the X70 as pocketable as possible, it lacks the clever hybrid viewfinder that graced the X100 series of cameras. Instead, the X70 is the first Fujifilm X-series camera to feature a tilting touchscreen LCD. The 3in display has a resolution of 1,040K-dots and can tilt round 180°. Perfect for the selfie-addicted out there, but this does seem to jar a little too much with the ethos of this as a photographer’s camera. It still has its uses, though, such as shooting from the hip at waist level – especially when used in conjunction to with the touchscreen to trigger the shutter for stealth street photography.

If you can’t live without a viewfinder, though, then the optional VF-X21 optical viewfinder (£149) slots into the hotshoe on the top of the camera.

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