With some extremely strong competition in the premium compact market, how does Fujifilm’s X30 stack up? Michael Topham takes a closer look in our Fujifilm X30 review

Product Overview

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Fujifilm X30

AWB Colour:
Dynamic Range:
LCD viewfinder:


  • - Improved operation with new control ring
  • - Robust build quality
  • - Extremely responsive autofocus performance in low light


  • - Physically smaller sensor than most rivals
  • - Screen is yet to support touchscreen control
  • - Some buttons are extremely small


Fujifilm X30 Review


Price as reviewed:



Fujifilm X30 Review – Verdict

Fujifilm-X30-product-shot-3Though the X30 is lagging behind some premium compacts with regard to its output resolution and sensor size, it’s a respectable improvement over the X20 and has been designed in a way that it provides a thoroughly enjoyable handling and operational experience.

What the X30 really excels at is bringing a premium build quality and an attractive array of features together at a price that’s considerably less than its rivals. Its smaller sensor is likely to have its work cut out to resolve quite the same level of detail and perform, as well under low light conditions compared to its key opponents – something we plan to find out in a forthcoming group test up against the Canon G7 X, Sony RX100 III and Panasonic Lumix LX100, however its image quality will more than satisfy those working to tighter budget restraints.

As for photographers who’d prefer the thought of lifting the camera to their eye as opposed to looking at an LCD screen, simply put, there’s no compact camera out there right now with a better electronic viewfinder. Add the rapid autofocus speed, top-notch all-round performance and sensational build quality to the mix and it goes without saying, the X30 is up there as one of the best premium compacts you can buy for under £500.

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