With some extremely strong competition in the premium compact market, how does Fujifilm’s X30 stack up? Michael Topham takes a closer look in our Fujifilm X30 review

Product Overview

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Fujifilm X30

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  • - Improved operation with new control ring
  • - Robust build quality
  • - Extremely responsive autofocus performance in low light


  • - Physically smaller sensor than most rivals
  • - Screen is yet to support touchscreen control
  • - Some buttons are extremely small


Fujifilm X30 Review


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Image Quality

Fujifilm X30 Review – Image Quality


Fuji X30 ResolutionA close inspection of our resolution chart revealed the X30’s Raw files resolve 3000 l/ph at ISO 100, which drops off to around 2600 l/ph at ISO 1600 and 2400 l/ph at ISO 3200. Beyond this sensitivity, the X30 only shoots JPEGS, however this remains a strong performance from a 12MP 2/3inch-type sensor and puts it on par with the results recorded by the X20.

Dynamic Range

Fuji X30 Dynamic rangeDue to the fact the X30 only records Raw files between ISO 100-3200, our dynamic range results aren’t quite as widespread on the chart as some of its rivals. At ISO 100, the peak dynamic range is a high 13.92EV, which reduces to 9.5EV at ISO 3200. The X30’s D-Range Optimiser helped to balance exposures in high-contrast conditions, but even with this switched off, it was possible to return a high level of detail to shadows and highlights using Camera Raw.


Fuji X30 NoiseThe X30 produces noise-free images at low sensitivity settings, with the first traces of luminance noise creeping in at ISO 400. Although noise is removed reasonably well between ISO 400-800 in JPEG files, fine detail at higher ISOs is lost in the JPEG smoothing process, so as a rule of thumb, it’s always advisable to shoot Raw for the ultimate quality. ISO 6400 and 12,800 should only be used in emergencies.

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