It is the slimmest and sleekest Fujifilm X-series camera so far, and the pocket-sized the XF1 uses the same 12-million-pixel CMOS sensor as its bigger brother, the X10. Read the Fujifilm XF1 review...

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Fujifilm XF1 review


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Fuji claims that the XF1 has an AF speed of 0.16secs, which I have no reason to doubt when shooting static subjects under good-contrast light. The camera is both snappy and sharp. As one would expect, in low-contrast light the AF speed is a little slower, and in really low light the camera needs to make use of its AF assist lamp for close-range subjects to achieve an accurate focus. Tracking AF is reasonably successful, although it does lag behind faster-moving subjects. As noted in Metering, spot AF for any one of 49 points is quick to select and has good coverage of the frame.

Manual focus is adjusted via the control wheel (which can be switched from clockwise to anti-clockwise operation). In this focus mode, manual focus assist is very helpful, although the camera lacks a distance scale to indicate what range the focus is selected to. There is a minimum focus distance of 3cm (at the widest lens setting), whereas other cameras at this level usually offer a 1cm macro mode so you can get in even closer to the subject.

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