In 2011, the Fujifilm X100 took the world by storm, offering the style of a Leica M but at a more affordable price. We test its successor, the X100S, with upgraded 16.3-million-pixel sensor. Read the Fujifilm X100S review..

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Fujifilm X100S

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Fujifilm X100S review


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Like the X100, the Fuji X100S offers a basic spot, centreweighted and evaluative metering set-up. TTL evaluative metering utilises 256 areas and is, overall, accurate. An exposure-compensation dial is next to where the thumb rests, on the top-plate. However, despite an improvement to the torque of the same dial as that on the X100, it can still be knocked so check before shooting – it is not unusual to take a series of images before realising that the setting has shifted. When shooting raw, it is possible to push/pull the processing post-capture, from +3EV to -1EV.

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