Fujifilm enters the high-end compact camera market with its premium FinePix X10, a model that makes the style and class of the company’s X-series more affordable

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Fujifilm FinePix X10


Fujifilm FinePix X10 review


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As we have come to expect from most compact cameras, the 256-zone evaluative multi-segment metering system typically meters for print-ready images. It analyses the scene and selects the appropriate setting. EXR shooting mode offers another auto option, although control over exposure is compromised. Often, dialling in underexposure of -0.7EV is about right, which is achieved quickly using the dial positioned near the thumb. Of course, raw files allow the freedom to make these changes post-capture.

Another option for accurate exposure is to use spot metering. This is linked to the autofocus and here it is particularly easy to use by selecting any one of the 49 points covering the greater part of the frame. Many other systems at this level are restricted to the central point of the frame. Average metering measures the entire scene to provide an average value.

Image: In raw capture, shooting on a late afternoon in winter, the X10’s colour rendition of the cool blue sky and warm skin tone is accurate

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Features
  3. 3. EXR sensor
  4. 4. Build and handling
  5. 5. White balance and colour
  6. 6. Metering
  7. 7. Noise, Resolution and Sensitivity
  8. 8. Autofocus
  9. 9. LCD, Viewfinder and Video
  10. 10. Dynamic range
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