With full manual exposure control and the ability to save images as raw files, the Canon PowerShot S90 may be the perfect compact camera for the demanding enthusiast photographer

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There are three metering modes – evaluative, centre and centre spot – on the Canon PowerShot S90. For most situations evaluative metering works very well, although like most compact cameras the S90 struggled a little with backlit scenes.

Centre spot metering generally proves more useful than centre weighted metering. This is especially true when it is used to make sure that the highlights in a scene aren’t burnt out. By using the centre spot metering to take a reading of the image highlights and then setting the exposure compensation to +1EV, I find that highlights are bright but without being completely white, leaving enough detail for post-capture editing.

When the PowerShot S90 is given the more complicated task of using slow sync flash mode to expose for both flash and ambient light, the camera performs exceptionally well. Images are bright and well exposed.

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