The Canon PowerShot S110 fits in the pocket, shoots raw images, has a fast lens with control ring, is Wi-Fi enabled and has a touchscreen. Tim Coleman puts it to the test. Read the Canon Powershot S110 review...

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Canon PowerShot S110 review


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Canon PowerShot S110 review – Build and handling

Image: The new touchscreen enables touch shutter, which can be linked to metering and AF. Here the exposure reading has been taken for the building

The Canon PowerShot S110 measures 98.8x59x26.9mm and weighs 198g, so the physical specifications of the S110 and the S100 are almost identical. The S110 is the smallest of the high-end compacts on the market, being almost half the size to some of its competitors.

The body shell is made from a tough polycarbonate. Wi-Fi functionality is indicated on the top-plate, with a blue light indicating when Wi-Fi is activated. Unsurprisingly, there is a major drain on the battery when Wi-Fi is turned on, so it is worth turning it off between shots. I found this a little more fiddly to do than doing the same with GPS.

Minor tweaks to the body include a differently shaped thumb rest, while the finish to the side of the shooting-mode dial is now a cross-hatch pattern, but otherwise the camera’s form is the same. The stabilised 24-120mm (equivalent) f/2-5.9 Canon lens is unchanged, too.

The one key difference in the handling of the S110 is the addition of a touchscreen and, apart from the Olympus XZ-2, there is currently no other high-end compact with this feature. The shutter and spot AF can be activated by touch anywhere in the frame, which is a key benefit of a touchscreen as it ensures that the subject is the point of focus.

Navigating some of the menus has been enhanced, too, via the lens control ring. This can be changed to adjust, among other things, any one of the shooting-mode values (such as aperture when in aperture priority), ISO, exposure compensation and focus. By pressing on the right-hand side of the touchscreen, the control-ring function can be temporarily changed to one of two other key settings. It’s a little fiddly at first, but it does enhance the handling of the camera.

Image: Touch focusing and metering quickly enable a change of exposure from the bright sky to meter for the people in the foreground



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