The Canon PowerShot S110 fits in the pocket, shoots raw images, has a fast lens with control ring, is Wi-Fi enabled and has a touchscreen. Tim Coleman puts it to the test. Read the Canon Powershot S110 review...

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Canon PowerShot S110 review


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Canon PowerShot S110 review – Features

Like many high-end compacts, including its S100 predecessor, the Canon PowerShot S110 has a 1/1.7in (7.6×5.7mm) imaging sensor, resulting in a 4.55x focal-length magnification. The camera therefore requires a 5.2-26mm Canon lens to achieve the 24-120mm effective focal length. Like the S100, the S110 shoots raw and JPEG images, has a 12.1-million-pixel sensor and uses the same Digic 5 processor. However, it has a 1EV greater sensitivity range of ISO 80-12,800.

Whereas the S100 offers GPS to add location information to images, the S110 has Wi-Fi. This means the camera can wirelessly connect to another Wi-Fi camera, a computer or smartphone. Canon’s free CameraWindow app is required for use with a smartphone. It is available for iOS and Android operating systems, and is designed to allow users to view and share images from the camera. With Wi-Fi activated, the camera can also use the smartphone’s GPS. There is no remote shooting functionality through Wi-Fi, as there is in the Samsung EX2F, which is a shame because this would further enhance the S110’s handling.

Shooting modes are the same on both the S100 and S110, with the S110 offering HDR among a number of creative effects, a high-speed burst HQ scene mode that gives a 10fps burst and a continuous high drive mode of 2.2fps. Canon has enhanced the smart auto mode, which can now detect up to 58 scenes (rather than 32 scenes in the S100) to select the best auto setting. In day-to-day use, it is difficult to see the improvement that this brings.

Image: The camera has a good dynamic range. In this scene there is still discernible detail in the wall where sunlight is being reflected

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