With a new 12.1-million-pixel sensor and raw image capture, Canon’s PowerShot S100 could catch the eye of many enthusiast photographers. Richard Sibley takes a closer look

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Canon PowerShot S100


Canon PowerShot S100 review


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White Balance and Colour

There are no surprises with the white balance and colour settings of the Canon PowerShot S100. The AWB settings do a good job of neutralising any colour casts, but I would suggest using the dedicated white balance mode for the best results, particularly in bright sunlight.

There are a variety of colour settings, including the now-familiar Canon compact camera options of light and dark skin tones, and vivid red, green and blue settings. Also of note is the positive film setting, which produces rich colours to replicate transparency film. One minor complaint is that the settings can’t be adjusted. There is the option to create your own custom colour, but you cannot create or adjust the black & white setting. While the black & white setting produces nice images, it would be nice to have the option to increase the contrast for a more dramatic effect.

Generally, colours are bright and punchy, even in the default setting. For most situations I would recommend this basic setting, or the neutral settings for a more realistic, natural colour.

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