One of Canon’s PowerShot G series of compact cameras has won the AP Enthusiast Compact of the Year Award for the past three years. Could the new PowerShot G12 make it four years in a row? Richard Sibley investigates

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Canon PowerShot G12


Canon PowerShot G12 review


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Dynamic Range

Combined with evaluative exposure metering, the PowerShot G12 produces images that are full of detail in the highlight and shadow areas. Although highlight details do sometimes burn out, for the most part it is possible to recover it, particularly from raw files.

When shooting at low sensitivities I found images could be brightened by around 4EV and detail recovered from ‘completely black’ shadow areas, although it does introduce some slight luminance noise.

The exact dynamic range figures were unavailable at the time of going to press, but I would estimate that the G12’s dynamic range is the same as that of the G11, which measured around 11EV in our test.

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