One of Canon’s PowerShot G series of compact cameras has won the AP Enthusiast Compact of the Year Award for the past three years. Could the new PowerShot G12 make it four years in a row? Richard Sibley investigates

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Canon PowerShot G12


Canon PowerShot G12 review


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While the PowerShot G12 builds on the successful formula set out by the G11, it doesn’t really add anything new. It is perhaps best to think of it as a G11 Mark II, but this is no bad thing – the G11 is an excellent camera, winning AP’s 2010 Enthusiast Compact of the Year award.

The problem is that the G series is now facing a lot more competition, not only from other high-end compact cameras but also from small micro-system models, and it is difficult to see how exactly Canon could improve on the G12. As I said previously, I think it is now time to go back to the drawing board and replace the optical viewfinder with a hybrid electronic version to make the feature far more useful. A more controversial solution would be to remove the viewfinder to make the camera smaller. A higher resolution screen would also be a welcome addition.

As it stands, the Canon PowerShot G12 is a fantastic camera and the HD video capture and new control dial are great. Enthusiast photographers looking for a compact model with the handling and flexibility of a DSLR should look no further than the PowerShot G12.

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