Built like a Canon PowerShot G12 on steroids, the new PowerShot G1 X has a large 14.3-million-pixel sensor and a 28-112mm equivalent lens. Could it be the compact camera that finally replaces your DSLR?

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Canon PowerShot G1 X


Canon PowerShot G1 X review


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Metering on the G1 X is good, with the camera generally able to avoid blowing out too much highlight detail

When used in a number of different lighting conditions, including snow, bright sunshine and at night, the PowerShot G1 X’s evaluative metering system coped extremely well. Generally, the evaluative mode seems to be aware of highlights, but will be selective if circumstances demand.

In other words, it will ignore highlights if it believes doing so will benefit the overall exposure. This means that images generally look good straight from the camera, although those shooting raw images might try to recover more highlight detail.

Where the dynamic range is enough to cover the scene, exposures are spot on, and the exposure compensation dial on top of the camera makes it extremely quick to make an adjustment. I only needed to use the EV adjustment dial a handful of times, generally adjusting the exposure in the ±0.3EV range.

Centreweighted and spot options are also available for more precise metering.

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