Built like a Canon PowerShot G12 on steroids, the new PowerShot G1 X has a large 14.3-million-pixel sensor and a 28-112mm equivalent lens. Could it be the compact camera that finally replaces your DSLR?

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Canon PowerShot G1 X


Canon PowerShot G1 X review


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White Balance & Colour

Canon compact cameras are widely respected for producing images with excellent colour definition, and the PowerShot G1 X is no exception. There is a full complement of default white-balance settings, as well as two custom modes.

AWB is the one setting most photographers will tend to leave the camera set to. I found it to be very reliable. Even when shooting in snowy conditions, the AWB setting left images with a good neutral white balance. The only images that show a slightly cold blue hue were those that I deliberately underexposed to preserve some highlight detail.

The usual range of Canon colour preset settings are on offer in the G1 X, but sadly a problem I have found with other PowerShot models remains. Although the black & white setting is generally good, there is no option for adjusting it to add more contrast or any colour filtered effects. There is a custom colour setting, but reducing the saturation does not turn the image to monochrome.

Rather, it just offers a slightly desaturated colour image. I realise this is a minor gripe, but it is one that I hope Canon will rectify, especially as the monochrome modes in its EOS cameras are excellent, with many different contrast options.

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