Profoto launches world’s smallest studio flash unit, the Profoto A1

September 19, 2017

Profoto A1

The Profoto A1, is designed like a conventional hotshoe flash but doubles up as a standalone unit that slots seamlessly into existing Profoto studio lighting setups using AirTTL and HSS.

Profoto A1

In the press release Profoto writes: “The only difference between the A1 and every other studio light we make is size – it’s small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, making the A1 our first, true on-camera solution.”

Aside from its original circular head shape, perhaps one of the most unique features of the A1 is its magnetic mount that allows photographers to hot swap its lighting shaping tools – a bounce card, a dome diffuser and a wide lens. All three come with the A1 at launch and can also be combined to offer some more creative options. Just like its studio counterparts, the A1 sports an LED modeling lamp, making it easier for photographers to visualise the light before triggering the flash.

Profoto A1

Although it’s designed like a speed light, the A1 opts for a different power source, ditching the typical 4xAA batteries for a quick-charging high-capacity Lithium Ion battery, which is reported to last four times longer without any degradation in performance. Additionally, Profoto’s trademark simplistic control interfaces are reproduced in the A1, with its large hi-res LED display, so we expect it to be easy to use.

Coming from one of the world’s leading studio-lighting companies we’re not surprised to see some incredibly high-quality sample images being shared along with the news of the A1’s release. At launch, the A1 will only be available for Nikon and Canon cameras, with a Sony compatible unit expected to be released shortly after. Check out the video below, featuring German photographer Marie Bärsch showing off some of her stunning samples and let us know what you think in the comments.

Profoto A1 Key Features

  • AirTTL and HSS compatible
  • Smart magnetic mount for A1 lighting modifiers
  • Built-in LED modeling light
  • Air Remote built-in
  • Round head with natural light fall off
  • Rechargeable and replaceable Li-ion battery
  • Four times battery life of 4xAA batteries
  • Compatible with Canon and Nikon at launch, Sony to follow