ZAGG Power Amp 18 review

May 28, 2016

ZAGG Power Amp 16 at a glance:

Power banks are hugely useful devices when you’re out in the field, allowing you to keep phones, tablets and cameras up and running until you regain access to mains power. The ZAGG Power Amp18 is one of the largest we’ve seen, and is usefully multifunctional. It has a huge 18,000mAh capacity that’s sufficient to charge a smartphone at least six times or a Sony Alpha 7 battery10 times. Three 2.4A USB outputs allow multiple devices to be charged at once, while a micro USB input is used for replenishing the power bank itself. An array of four LEDs indicates the current level of charge.

A couple more things make the ZAGG Power Amp18 stand out from the crowd. It includes an LED torch that’s considerably brighter than the little flashlights found in smaller power banks. It also has a lantern function, where the translucent white strip around the end of the unit lights up, which is useful for more subdued non- directional lighting, such as in a tent. Finally, there’s a flashing beacon mode if you ever need to attract attention in an emergency.


Three USB ports can be used for charging devices

Build quality is excellent – the triangular body is constructed from aluminium, with a rubberised coating on the front half. Controls are very simple: one button to display the charge level and another to operate the three lighting modes. A sturdy silicone strap can be used to hang the device up when it’s used in lantern mode, or to keep your charging cables organised, wrapped around the device.

If your photography involves extended trips off the beaten track, perhaps spending several days camping, then the ZAGG Power Amp 18 could be just what you need. However, it’s rather large and heavy, and distinctly pricey, so may well be overkill for many people.

SCORE: 4.5 out of 5

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