XSories Weye Feye S review

January 22, 2015


XSories Weye Feye S at a glance:

  • Transfers stills and video to a smartphone or tablet
  • Hotshoe-mounted device
  • Works with Android and iOS
  • Creates its own Wi-Fi signal
  • Price: £80
  • Website:

Unlike the original Weye Feye DSLR controller from XSories, the Weye Feye S does not have the ability to control a camera wirelessly while in live view. Instead, this smaller, more affordable version is designed only for transferring images and not for remotely controlling cameras.

The Weye Feye S connects to the camera via a USB cable and can be mounted on the hotshoe. Once connected and turned on, the Weye Feye S can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet using the free Android/iOS Weye Feye S app. Also, images can be accessed via a computer by connecting to the Weye Feye S and typing a URL and port number into a web browser. Once set up, users can preview and download all JPEG, raw and video files that are stored on the card. These can then be shared out to social media channels or relevant apps.

XSories Weye Feye S – key features

Micro USB

On the side of the Weye Feye S is a Micro USB port where the device is charged.

Weye Feye app

The free Android/iOS app is easy to use and navigate, although annoyingly it doesn’t refresh itself when a picture is taken.

Hotshoe mount

Included in the box is a hotshoe mount with a tripod thread on the end, which screws into the Weye Feye S.


XSories Weye Feye S

XSories Weye Feye S – verdict

As many recent high-end cameras, such as the Nikon D810 and the Canon EOS 7D Mark II, don’t feature any Wi-Fi connectivity, it’s extremely helpful that the functionality can now be added for less than £80. Equally, it’s very useful for older cameras. Being able to email JPEGs wirelessly from my Canon EOS 5D Mark II is great.

There are plenty of cheaper alternatives for wireless image transfer, such as wireless card readers and Eye-Fi memory cards, but the Weye Feye S has the advantage of allowing the photographer to shoot images while it is connected. If this isn’t a necessity, it may be worth looking at the alternatives.

SCORE: 4 out of 5

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