XSories Kong U-Shot at a glance:

  • Monopod for stills and video
  • Designed to be held at arm’s length to position cameras in hard-to-reach places
  • Telescopic, extending from 67cm-155cm
  • Rated payload of 3.5kg
  • Price: £33
  • Website:

The recently released XSories Kong U-Shot is a telescopic monopod that’s designed for poking your camera into hard-to-reach places and achieving strange angles. It’s not designed to be used like a conventional monopod, although it can be – it’s meant to be held at arm’s length. Primarily for video, if used with a remote shutter release or a camera with Wi-Fi there’s no reason why the Kong U-Shot can’t be used for still photos too. It enables the photographer to get low to the ground or high up, and follow a subject as it moves, giving stable video footage or an interesting series of images. I also found that, using an adapter, I could mount a flash on it and get an assistant to follow a subject while shooting fast-moving subjects with high-speed sync.

With a weight of just 630g, the Kong U-Shot isn’t particularly heavy, although when a camera is mounted to it and held at arm’s length for a long period you’ll understandably begin to feel it. The Kong U-Shot has a payload rating of 3.5kg, so is capable of holding most DSLRs. However, the heavier the load, the harder it is to handle when extended – and it’s not worth risking expensive kit. Its telescopic motion can also be used to add movement as the pole is extended and results in fluid video .

XSories Kong U-Shot – Key features


The Kong U-Shot can be extended in a single motion from 67cm to its maximum 155cm.

Rubber foot

A rubber foot is to be found at the bottom, which, when removed, reveals another camera thread, allowing a camera to be attached at either end.

Tripod head mount

A 1/4in tripod thread is featured on the top and bottom to allow users to mount a ball head or similar.


XSories Kong U-Shot – Verdict

With a decent build quality and a comfortable grip, the Kong U-Shot is a useful bit of kit. In terms of features it delivers everything it promises. It works as a standard monopod, but has increased versatility for video shooters with the ability to achieve unusual angles and introduce motion into shots.

SCORE: 4 out of 5

Also in the range:

XSories Mega U-Shot

XSories-Mega-U-ShotPrice: £60

Essentially, the XSories Mega U-Shot is just a selfie stick, but it’s designed to be used with an action camera attached for extreme photography and videography.

XSories Weye Feye Controller

XSories-Weye-Feye-ControllerPrice: £120

XSories’ most renowned product is the Weye Feye Controller, which gives remote shooting to DSLR cameras that don’t feature their own built-in Wi-Fi module.

XSories U-Float


Price: £22

Attaching to the camera, the XSories U-Float grips will allow your action or tough camera
to float, should you ever drop it in water.