VisibleDust Arctic Beez review

August 8, 2016

VisibleDust Arctic Beez at a glance:

The VisibleDust Arctic Beez is a pulsating sensor-cleaning device designed to be used with VisibleDust’s DHAP Orange and Ultra MXD-100 Green VSwabs.

At one end of the handheld unit, next to a small cavity into which sensor swabs are inserted, you’ll find a bright-white LED light that helps to illuminate the surface of the sensor and allows you to see what you’re doing easily without the need for a secondary light source. The soft sonic vibration that’s created when the unit is switched on is designed to push any dirt on the sensor’s surface forward before the swab passes over.

The price excludes any swabs or sensor-cleaning fluid, so you’ll need to budget an extra £35 for a pack of 12 swabs and £20 for VisibleDust’s sensor- cleaning solution. The VisibleDust Arctic Beez is powered by two AAA batteries (not included) and is supplied in a protective case.

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