Uniqball-UBH-35UniqBall UBH 35 at a glance:

  • Maximum load 15kg
  • Weight 500g
  • Spirit level Yes
  • Base diameter 57mm
  • Price: £250
  • Website:

The UniqBall UBH 35 is one of a kind. Two ball heads are combined into one unit, allowing the user to level and lock the shooting position using the red ball first, before panning and tilting the camera with the second ball, all while keeping the camera and lens level. This is an ideal solution for photographers who would like the functions of a gimbal, ball and pan-and-tilt head in one unit, and it comes with an exceptional finish thanks to it being machined from aerospace-industry aluminium alloy and constructed to a fine tolerance of 1/100mm.

In use, both ball heads offer a precise and fluid movement. The levelling base locks securely and, after finding the right level of panning force with the red knob that tightens the second ball, our DSLR was tilted and rotated without needing further adjustment.

UniqBall UBH 35 – key features

Mounting thread

The UniqBall attaches to a tripod via a 1⁄4in thread and features a base diameter of 57mm – perfect for the Manfrotto 190XPRO3 with which it was tested.

Levelling base

The levelling base is used to level the head on the tripod on which it is mounted. The bubble level helps to achieve this, and it is found on the top surface of the red ball.


The resistance of the second ball is controlled with the red locking knob. The camera should always be positioned so that the knob is aligned in the same direction and sits beneath the lens.

Arca-Swiss plate

Being Arca-Swiss-compatible, the ball head will work with existing plates you may own. An Allen key was used to secure the supplied Arca-Swiss plate tightly.

UniqBall UBH 35 – verdict

More advanced than an average ball head, the UBH 35 takes a bit of getting used to, but for wildlife and landscape photographers who want to ensure they’re shooting on the level, it’s an invaluable accessory. To watch a video of it in action, visit

SCORE: 5 out of 5

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Manfrotto 055 with Q6 Top Lock

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