Solar Technology CamCaddy 2 review

April 2, 2015

Solar-Technology-CamCaddy2Solar Technology CamCaddy 2 at a glance:

  • Universal charger for block-style batteries
  • Can be powered by Micro USB
  • On-screen display
  • Automatic voltage detection
  • Price: £19.99
  • Website:

Solar Technology makes a variety of different battery-based products, one of which is the CamCaddy 2. This battery charger works with almost all block-style batteries, making it an ideal travel companion for photographers using multiple cameras.

The CamCaddy 2 was designed to work in conjunction with the company’s Freeloader iSIS solar-charging power bank (£64.99), which can be plugged into the Micro USB port to power the charger. With its Micro USB power input, the CamCaddy 2 is incredibly convenient. Using a USB cable, users can charge batteries from their laptop, USB plug, car charger or from Micro USB smartphone chargers. The CamCaddy 2 also boasts smart electronics that automatically adjust to the correct voltage to ensure speedy but safe charging of batteries.

Solar Technology CamCaddy 2 – key features


Includes info on how long it takes to charge a battery, plus the percentage charged.


No need to line up positive and negative pins, as the charger automatically sets the polarity.

Spring mechanism

To hold the batteries in place, the bottom of the CamCaddy 2 simply slides down and uses the tension of the springs to hold it in place.

Solar Technology CamCaddy 2 – verdict

Having used the first generation CamCaddy battery charger, I wasn’t expecting much from the CamCaddy 2, as previously build quality was horrible. However, it’s clear that the design has gone back to the drawing board. It holds batteries in place as well as any other universal charger and, most importantly, the pins line up with almost every type of battery.

I used the CamCaddy 2 during a European fishing trip, and found the ability to charge my Canon EOS 5D Mark II battery from a power bank incredibly useful. The advantage of the USB charging functionality, combined with a great battery charger, is huge. The CamCaddy 2 is well built, sturdy and is a worthy kit-bag companion for any travelling photographer.

SCORE: 5 out of 5

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