SanDisk-connect-wireless-media-driveSanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive at a glance:

  • Stream movies and photos wirelessly
  • Wirelessly transfer files from an SD card
  • 32GB or 64GB internal storage built in
  • Eight-hour battery life
  • Price: £90
  • Website:

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive is a portable device that allows users to stream content directly with their smartphones or tablets. Using a free SanDisk Connect app on an Android or iOS device, users can connect to the media drive and access images, documents and videos from the internal memory. Both 32GB and 64GB versions are available. On one side of the device there is an SD card slot, allowing users to insert their cards and read, preview, download and share images and videos that are saved on it. Once the SanDisk Connect is turned on, users can connect to its self-generated Wi-Fi connection and then are ready to share content with your smartphone or tablet. So, what’s good about that? Well, essentially, this gives Wi-Fi sharing functionality to any camera that takes an SD card. Chances are the devices won’t read raw formats though, so it’s best to stick with JPEG files.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive – key features

SD card slot

An SD card can be inserted into the slot and the contents can be read, previewed and downloaded wirelessly on a smart device.

Multiple connections

Up to eight devices with five simultaneous HD media streams can be active at once.

USB charging

The device charges via the Micro USB port and has a battery life of more than eight hours.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive – verdict

Being able to simply pop an SD card into the side of the SanDisk Connect and view all the images on a smart device is brilliant. There are two big advantages. First, it enables me to preview images on a large-screen tablet so I can better see the images I have captured. Second, it allows me to quickly share my images on social media platforms from my phone with any SD-compatible camera. The device works flawlessly and there were no issues in use. Equally, I found the drive comes in handy for storing photos and videos to keep yourself entertained on long journeys.

SCORE: 4 out of 5


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