SabreSwitch-TriggerSmart-KitSabreSwitch TriggerSmart Kit at a glance:

  • MCT-1 controller
  • Two multi-mode sensor modules
  • Additional accessory kits available
  • Price: £238
  • Website:

The SabreSwitch TriggerSmart is designed to be an affordable way into motion photography – the camera (or video camera) is triggered by an infrared beam, light or sound sensor, making it possible to capture split-second moments in the studio or on location.

While there are a number of accessories available that will build up and enhance the TriggerSmart’s capabilities, the kit itself comprises the controller, a pair of multi-mode sensor modules, two mini tripods, cables and four AA batteries. To connect to your camera, the TriggerSmart comes supplied with a shutter-release cable with a 2.5mm jack. This is fine for most entry-level Canon DSLRs, but in many cases an extra cable will need to be purchased.

The finish of the kit is disappointing. The tripods are incredibly cheap (you’d get change from £1 if you bought them on eBay) and aren’t up to the job, while the sensors and controller have a very rudimentary and unpolished feel to them.

SabreSwitch TriggerSmart Kit – key features

Sensor modules

These are plasticky with little refinement, and combined with the tripod they can be easily pulled over by the leads.


Chunky and workmanlike, the controller can be powered by AA batteries or a separate power supply.

Cheap stands

Tightening the heads on these flimsy tripods doesn’t really help very much.

SabreSwitch TriggerSmart – verdict

While the TriggerSmart does the job, the instructions aren’t as clear as I’d like and the overall finish of each element leaves a lot to be desired. If it cost under £100 this would be forgiveable, but with an asking price of more than double that, you’re left feeling short-changed. At the moment, the TriggerSmart feels like a prototype – it works, but the finished product needs serious attention.

SCORE: 3 out of 5

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