Reflecta VisiLux Studio Kit 180 review

November 6, 2014

Reflecta-Visilux-Studio-Kit-180Reflecta VisiLux Studio Kit 180 at a glance:

  • Three studio flash heads included
  • Softbox and two umbrellas for light modification
  • Wireless operation via radio trigger
  • Price: £477.60
  • Website:

Developed by Reflecta and Kenro, this affordable enthusiast-level studio kit includes three compact 180W flash heads and three 220cm variable height stands inside the box. A 70x50cm softbox and two 84cm umbrellas – one silver/reflective and one translucent white – as well as a wireless radio flash trigger with a range of 30m, are also included. The flash heads feature step-less light adjustment that can be set from 1/1 (full power) to 1/32, and there’s also a 50W modelling lamp that can be adjusted in six steps, making it easier to see how the light you’re creating is likely to fall.

The total weight of the kit when packed up in its 74 x 28 x 25cm carry bag is only 10.9kg.

Reflecta VisiLux Studio Kit 180 – key features

Adjustable power

Step-less continuous adjustable power can be dialled from 1/1 (full power) to 1/32. There are also six levels of adjustable modelling light.

Variable height stands

The flash stands can be extended up to 220cm – tall enough to suit a wide variety of applications.


The flash heads can be triggered remotely from a distance of up to 30m using the remote provided in the kit.


If you need to carry your studio set-up, the VisiLux 180 weighs less than 11kg when packed into its carry bag.

Reflecta VisiLux Studio Kit 180 – Verdict

Anyone considering investing in a studio set-up for the first time should take a look at Kenro and Reflecta’s VisiLux Studio Kit 180. It’s an affordable alternative to some of the entry-level kits offered by specialist lighting brands. Recycling times are comparable to the Bowens Gemini 200Rx kit (see right), although the Gemini’s are more powerful.

When compromising on price, you often risk losing some of the premium build and performance of more expensive equipment, but for a starter kit you could do worse.

SCORE: 3 out of 5

You may wish to consider:

Bowens Gemini 200Rx Kit


Price: £565
Bowens’ value kit comes with two Gemini 200Rx flash heads with an operational voltage of 190-250W. It also has the option of a Pulsar Tx radio trigger (sold separately) or cable release.

Interfit EX150 MkIII 2-Light Umbrella and Softbox Kit


Price: £270
The Interfit EX150 MkIII offers two 300W heads with an umbrella and a softbox to modify the light, which can be adjusted in 4 stops, and an IR receiver. A decent kit but recycle times are over 1.5secs.

Lastolite Lumen8 400W Twin Head Umbrella Kit


Price: £526
The Lastolite kit has twin 400W flash heads with two 80cm umbrellas. The power can be adjusted
in 5 stops via a step-less control dial. These are some of the most powerful heads in this price range.