Pluto Trigger at a glance

For some photographic subjects, triggering the shutter manually just won’t do – for instance, when split-second timing is required or if you want to run a long, complex time-lapse sequence. The Pluto Trigger is an intriguing new accessory that aims to give a huge range of remote-triggering options, both on its own and when used with a smartphone.

The trigger unit connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and to your camera using interchangeable cables that are available for most brands; alternatively, it can work as an infrared release with compatible cameras. Your phone can then be used much like a conventional remote release, and can also be used to programme such things as timelapse and HDR shooting. In addition, the phone’s sensors can be used to trigger the shutter in response to such things as sound, vibration or motion.

What’s more, the trigger unit itself has several built-in sensors, including for sound, light, proximity and lightning; there’s even a laser trigger, with a tiny laser unit included in the box. From our initial testing everything seems to work, making it a remarkable product for the price.