Olloclip Studio review

June 21, 2016

Olloclip Studio at a glance:

Although smartphones make for great point-and-shoot cameras, the processing power and connectivity they possess make them capable of so much more. The latest accessory from Olloclip aims to maximise what an iPhone 6 or 6s can do.

The Studio is essentially a rugged plastic case. It wraps around the back and sides of the iPhone, but where it gets clever is through its use of accessories that can easily snap into grooves around the case. Included in the kit are two different attachments that add a tripod mount for either portrait or landscape- orientated shooting. There is also a standard accessory mount which, like the tripod-thread mounts, can be slid and positioned into various locations around the edge of the Studio case.

You can, of course, mount the latest generation of Olloclip lenses. These are not included in the kit, but they offer the ability to convert the iPhone camera lens to a fisheye, ultra-wideangle, macro or telephoto lens.


Olloclip Studio – key features

Accessory shoe

We attached a small Manfrotto LED light that provided fill-in light for video.

Tripod mounts

The Studio features two tripod mounts for landscape or portrait-oriented photography.

Tough case

The Studio’s case is tough and hardwearing, and wraps around the phone to protect it, as well providing accessory attachment points.

Olloclip Studio – our verdict

We mounted an iPhone 6 to a tripod and used the accessory shoe to hold a small Manfrotto LED light. While the Studio was suitable for photographs, it was best for shooting video. Instead of a tripod, we attached the Studio to a handgrip support, and the LED light became a fill-in light for video shooting.

At £79.99 the Studio isn’t cheap, especially if you don’t already have compatible Olloclip lenses. You can buy a cheaper, sprung tripod mount, as well as clamps and cases for LED accessory shoe lights. However, the Olloclip does both, and while photographers may never experience the full benefit of the case, for videographers who use Olloclip lenses this product is worth adding to your wish list.

SCORE: 4 out of 5

Compatible Olloclip lenses

You can find a complete list of the lenses compatible with the Olloclip Studio at However, these three are our favourites:


Telephoto + Wide-Angle + Macro 10x + CPL lens

Price: £99.99

This is a clip-on lens that converts your iPhone lens so it has a 10x macro lens, a wideangle lens and 2x teleconverter, as well as a Circular Polariser filter (CPL) to cut out glare and enhance colours.

Olloclip-4in14-in-1 lens

Price: £69.99

For those on a budget or just starting out, the 4-in-1 lens offers a fisheye adapter, 10x macro, 15x macro and a wideangle converter, all at a reasonable price. The only thing that is missing from this lens is a telephoto option.

Olloclip-ActiveActive lens

Price: £89.99

If you like outdoor sports, this Active lens may be for you. For that first-person style perspective it has an ultra-wideangle lens similar to a GoPro, while the 2x telephoto lens will enable you to get slightly closer to the action.

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