Novo Explora T10 carbon fibre tripod kit review

August 19, 2016

Novo Explora T10 Carbon Fibre Tripod KitNovo Explora T10 carbon fibre tripod kit

  • Four-section, 8x carbon-fibre legs G Included CBH 40 ball head with panoramic markings
  • 165cm maximum height (177cm with centre column extended)
  • Detachable monopod
  • Price: £230
  • Website:

Carbon-fibre tripods typically combine lightweight legs with better vibration absorption than aluminium-based varieties, but these advantages come at a price – particularly when you factor in the cost of a head. The Explora T10 from Novo, however, combines a set of carbon-fibre legs and a ball head for around the same price that many carbon-fibre legs command on their own.

The tripod is designed with four sections per leg, each with rubber twist locks. Its maximum height of 165cm places it on par with most tripods of this price, and its 15kg load is far greater than might be expected at this level. Weighing 1.75kg with head, it collapses down to just under 50cm.

One leg can be detached and used in conjunction with the ball head as a monopod, and this features a thin leg warmer.

The legs have three locking angles, and the tripod has a fairly small footprint when they’re in their default position. They move freely and without any stiffness, and a short centre column is also provided for low-level shooting.

The anodised aluminium ball head has a separate pan lock, with panoramic markings around its circumference, and the main lock has an inset friction adjustment control. The ball moves fluidly but locks in place firmly.

Novo Explora T10 carbon fibre tripod kit – key features

Ball head

The head is compatible with Arca Swiss plates, and the quick-release clamp has a rotating panoramic base.

Increased stability

A sprung hook on the underside of the centre column allows bag hanging.

Foot spikes

Spikes housed in each leg’s foot allow greater stability on soft surfaces.

Novo Explora T10 carbon fibre tripod kit – our verdict

With a lovely feel, great build quality, and both a ball head and detachable monopod, the Novo Explora T10 represents very good value for anyone after a complete carbon-fibre tripod kit.

SCORE: 4.5 out of 5

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