Manfrotto XPRO Over 5-section carbon-fibre monopod review

September 12, 2016

Manfrotto XPRO Over 5-section carbon-fibre monopod at a glance:

Manfrotto XPRO range of high-end camera supports is designed for both enthusiast and professional photographers, and the Manfrotto XPRO Over 5-section carbon-fibre monopod has one of the highest specifications within the company’s range. It is designed not only to be lightweight and compact, but also to offer an extensive length when at full reach.

manfrotto xpro over 5-section carbon-fibre monopod reversible screw

The reversible attachment screw is compatible with most heads

Thanks to the carbon construction, the XPRO Over weighs just 620g which, when you consider its maximum extension of 176cm, is a very impressive size-to-weight ratio. Because of the five sections, it measures just 49cm when packed down, which meant it clipped nicely onto my backpack for easy carrying. It’s possible Manfrotto could have made this product a bit lighter, but it has opted to use the same magnesium-alloy Quick Power Lock system that is featured on many of its latest 190 and 155-series tripods. Having tested many of these tripods, I can confidently say the system locks solid and is very durable. A maximum payload of 5kg is stated, but we often find Manfrotto’s estimates to be rather conservative.

On the top of the monopod is a dual thread, which has both 1⁄4in and 3⁄8in options. On the base is a small rubber foot that screws into the bottom of the monopod. This makes it possible to swap it out for a spike or flatfoot to suit the shooting conditions. The company has also recently redesigned the leg-warmer grip; it is now rubberised, which gives a much firmer purchase on the monopod than the foam version.

manfrotto quick-lever lock

Like most Manfrotto products, the monopod uses quick-lever locks

If you’re in the market for a monopod, and small size and lightness are imperative, then the Manfrotto XPRO Over 5-section carbon-fibre monopod is an excellent choice.

SCORE: 5 out of 5