Manfrotto-travel-backpackManfrotto travel backpack at a glance:

  • Water-repellent, plus removable rain protector included
  • Internal tripod compartment
  • External tripod holder
  • Space for 15in laptop
  • Price: £109.95
  • Website:

Part of Manfrotto’s Advanced bag range, the Travel Backpack is ideal for photographers who need their essential shooting kit close by whenever they’re on the move. Without being too bulky, this backpack manages to hold a good amount of photographic equipment, including a DSLR with lens attached, a flashgun, small accessories and up to two additional optics. With all of that kit inside, it’s still possible to squeeze in a few personal items, as well as a laptop up to 15in in size, despite Manfrotto describing the bag as being only suitable for 13in laptops.

Meanwhile, a quick-access pocket makes it easy to grab your camera without fully opening the bag, and there’s an internal tripod holder suitable for compact stands. The dividers inside can be removed and the bag can be used as a traditional backpack by adjusting the internal compartment divider.

Manfrotto travel backpack – key facts

External tripod holder

The straps on the face of the backpack make it possible to secure a larger tripod. Positioned in the middle, it
will maintain your centre of gravity.

Rain cover

A detachable rain cover will give your kit extra protection against the elements, when walking or riding in adverse weather conditions.

Tripod pocket

An extendable padded pocket on the right-hand side of the bag is perfect for storing travel tripods securely without adding too much extra bulk to the overall size of the bag.

Manfrotto travel backpack – verdict

With its professional-looking, modern design, the Travel Backpack doesn’t immediately look like a camera bag. As a result, I’d feel comfortable using it whether taking pictures in the street or attending business meetings. There was enough storage to carry everything I needed for an average day’s work, and I found it comfortable to wear even when fully loaded. For the travelling photographer, this is one of the most attractive backpacks I’ve come across.

SCORE: 4 out of 5

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Think Tank StreetWalker HardDrive


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Larger than Manfrotto’s Travel Backpack, the HardDrive is designed to carry a slightly broader range of kit. Inside it will hold a DSLR with a telephoto zoom lens attached, as well as four additional lenses and two flashguns.

Tamrac Expedition 5X


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The Tamrac is a more typical-looking camera bag, and while not huge, it holds a great deal of kit, including a DSLR with large telephoto lens attached, up to five extra lenses, a flashgun and a couple of small accessories. It is tough and water-resistant too.