Lowepro S&F Memory Card Wallet 20 review

August 21, 2016

Lowepro-SandF-memory-card-wallet-20-openLowepro S&F memory card wallet 20 at a glance:

Price: £15


If you own a decent camera bag, it probably has a couple of pockets dedicated to storing a memory
card or two. These pockets can be handy, but they don’t often offer the best form of protection from dirt, moisture and other factors that could potentially damage the cards. To keep your memory cards in tip-top condition, it’s worth purchasing a memory card wallet or case in which you can keep all your cards together.

Lowepro’s S&F Memory Wallet 20 is part of the manufacturer’s Street and Field modular carrying system. It’s designed to hold up to 12 SD or CF cards and can attach to an S&F utility belt, technical belt, technical harness or technical vest. The wallet’s YKK zipper provides fast access to12 elastic interior pockets, which I quickly discovered are made to accept cards on their own, not cards in a plastic case.

The wallet is a good size and easily slips into a trouser pocket or wherever you have a small space in your bag. The soft padded exterior gives you reassurance that your cards are safe and secure inside. But having used many different memory-card cases over the years, I was left with the lasting impression that memory-card cases with a plastic protective shell, which also claim to be weather-resistant, offer superior protection.


The S&F Memory Wallet 20 is designed to hold up to 12 SD cards

SCORE: 3 out of 5

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