Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner at a glance:

  • Compatible with all 35mm film
  • Portable, small and lightweight
  • Simple to attach smartphone and take pictures to scan
  • Backlit direct light panel illuminates film
  • Price: £49
  • Website:

Lomography has developed an ingenious way to scan and share images captured on 35mm film by using a rudimentary lightbox design that can hold a smartphone, and which then allows the phone to scan your negatives by taking a photo of each of them.

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner – Build and performance

The Smartphone Film Scanner is incredibly easy to set up. It takes two AA batteries and requires the placing of one to three stackers between the smartphone cradle and the film. To help me capture the negatives, I downloaded the LomoScanner app, which is available via iTunes or the Google Play store, to make it easier to align the camera and the film correctly. Once aligned, it’s just a matter of taking a picture of each frame.

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner – key features

Clamp wings

The clamp wings can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of smartphone models.

Film loader

Film is inserted into the film-loading slit and can be forwarded using the advancing wheel.


The scanner comes with three stackers, allowing you to adjust the distance between the smartphone and the film.  For example, the iPhone 4 and 4S work best with two.

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner – verdict

This is a great product and a low-cost solution for film photographers that makes it easy to capture and shareimages from negatives. Although the LomoScanner app was somewhat unstable at times, I would still recommend the Smartphone Film Scanner.

SCORE: 4 out of 5

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