The interface of this app is intuitively laid out and simple to use

Lee Filters Stopper Exposure Guide app at a glance:

If you own a Lee Filters Little Stopper, Big Stopper or Super Stopper ND filter, you would have been issued a small business-card-sized exposure card that you can refer to when calculating a new exposure with a filter attached. However, the firm has now gone a step up and designed an app that allows you to pick which of its ND filters you’re using and accurately calculate the new exposure straight from your mobile device. Initially, the app was only available to download from the iTunes App Store for iOS users, but it’s now available for Android users too through the Google Play Store.

When you open the app you’re given the choice of selecting 6 stops (Little Stopper), 10 stops (Big Stopper) or 15 stops (Super Stopper) from the top. With the relevant filter selected, you scroll a wheel on the left to match your camera’s metered shutter speed (range 30secs- 1/8,000sec) without the filter. Simultaneously, a wheel on the right automatically spins to give you the correct exposure with the filter attached. If the new exposure with the ND filter attached exceeds 30secs, a small timer icon is displayed below. Give this a tap and you’ll be taken to a countdown interface that provides an illustration of the time remaining during the long exposure. There’s even an alarm that sounds at 0.0sec to tell you to stop the exposure.

As far as photography apps go, the Lee Filters Stopper Exposure Guide app is one of the most intuitive I’ve used and comes into its own when you’re out in the field and want to calculate a long exposure very quickly. It’s the modern-day replacement for the exposure cards of old, which were always susceptible to getting damaged or lost. If you use any of the Stopper ND filters in Lee Filter’s range, this is an app you’ll definitely want to download.

SCORE: 5 out of 5