Kaiser Action Strap at a glance:

German brand Kaiser Fototechnik has an extensive variety of products right from studio to darkroom kit, and this includes a range of camera straps – the latest of which is the Kaiser Action Strap.

Designed for a DSLR, large mirrorless camera or bridge camera, the action strap is a heavy-duty sling strap allowing comfort and quick access to your camera when you need it. It fits across either one or two shoulders running diagonally across your front and has an optional smaller strap to secure it under the armpit and prevent it from sliding.

The shoulder pad is made from neoprene and has a rubberised inner to help it grip. Below the shoulder pad is a 120° swivel joint that helps with movement when sitting across the wearer’s chest and when raising the camera to shoot pictures as well.

At the business end is a piece of rubber padding and a tripod thread attached to metal. This screws down into the camera, and the joint that attaches to the strap has a swivelling movement. This means even if your camera spins on the strap, it won’t start unthreading from the bottom of the camera.


The camera can be released quickly from the strap using a quick-release dip

Users can quickly release the camera from the strap using the quick-release clip that slides up and down the main body on the strap. Users can stop the camera from sliding or limit the area it can slide in by using two small locking fixtures that are positioned on either side of the quick-release clip. The strap is fully adjustable and has a maximum length of 155cm. We find the design of this strap to be very functional with a number of great features. We really like the swivelling of the tripod thread mount, which ensures that the camera cannot undo itself from the strap, and we also prefer a quick-release clip to a carabiner clip. This assures one that it will always be secure, and it is not easy to forget to tighten it down.

The materials used are OK, and the quality of many other similar straps do surpass that of the Kaiser Action Strap. Nevertheless, the fundamental design elements are excellent, ticking all the right boxes.

SCORE: 4 out of 5