Fujin lens vacuum cleaner at a glance:

  • Powered by 4x AAA batteries
  • Supplied with spare filters
  • Canon and Nikon mounts available
  • Price: £100
  • Website:

The Fujin lens-shaped vacuum cleaner attaches to the lens mount of your camera. It is designed to suck dust and dirt from the surface of the sensor without exposing the camera to fresh deposits from the surrounding environment. This revised Mark II version produces 2.7x more airflow than the first- generation Fujin lens vacuum and is said to refresh the air inside the camera six times every second. To prevent dirt or dust penetrating the camera but without disturbing the vacuum airflow, the unit has an electrostatically charged filter behind the lens cap.

In use

Fujin recommends using the vacuum in combination with the camera’s automatic sensor-cleaning or continuous-shooting mode, and pointing the camera down for maximum effect. Attaching the unit and turning it on using the AF/MF-style switch at the side instantly brings it to life. Although it managed to remove a few specs of light dust within a couple of minutes, it couldn’t shift the more stubborn dirt on the surface of the sensor. It left me with little choice but to finish the job with a sensor-cleaning swab.

This lens-shaped vacuum cleaner is by no means the ultimate sensor-cleaning device, and it isn’t cheap. I’d be tempted to buy some good-quality sensor cleaning swabs instead. Alternatively, you might want to consider a next-day, professional, sensor-cleaning service such as that offered by Calumet, which is also cheaper (£57 for a full-frame sensor clean).


Fujin lens vacuum cleaner – key features

Electrostatic filter

The filter attracts dust particles to ensure dust is kept out of your camera.

Power switch

The AF/MF-style switch at the side is used to turn the vacuum on and off.


The design of the Fujin-D version for Nikon-mount DSLRs is based on Nikon’s 85mm f/1.8 G AF-S lens.

SCORE: 2 out of 5

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