Cullmann Nanomax 460M review

July 13, 2016

Cullmann Nanomax 460M at a glance:

  • Designed for both photo and video
  • Centre column doubles as a monopod
  • Three-way head included
  • Price: £119.99
  • Website:

Cullmann has released a new range of tripods and monopods that go under the name Nanomax, and one of the most interesting models is the Cullmann Nanomax 460M. The ‘M’ designation indicates that the centre column doubles as a monopod.

Included with the tripod is a Revomax RW20 three-way head. This pans and tilts, and can be used in both portrait and landscape orientations. It would be suitable for video as well as photography. There is a small tripod plate on the top that has a QRC-system locking mechanism.

At its maximum height, the Cullmann Nanomax 460M stands 168cm and has a payload of 4kg. At the other end of the scale, it can be set to 19cm from the ground with its ground-level centre column. The tripod packs away to just 55.5cm and weighs 1.72kg.

The tripod legs are constructed from anodised aluminium and the centrepiece is made from a die-cast aluminium. The leg locks are plastic and each leg has four sections.

Cullmann Nanomax 460M – key features

Spirit level

On top of the tripod, and on the tripod head itself, is a spirit-level bubble that helps users gauge if their camera or tripod is level.

Monopod centre column

The main centre column of the 460M doubles as a monopod, while all legs have plastic twisting locks.

Dual feet

On the bottom of the tripod legs are rubber feet that can be screwed upwards to reveal a metal spike.

Cullmann Nanomax 460M – our verdict

These days, it’s not that rare to see a monopod included within a tripod, but most take the form of a leg that can be unscrewed. This allows users to add weight to the centre column for added stability. However, while the feet offer solid grounding, with their rubber caps and spikes, overall this tripod didn’t feel particularly steady. It flexes rather a lot, especially at the maximum height, and the problem worsens with the centre column up.

The head is lightweight, small and functions as it should. Although the build quality is decent, details such as the plastic leg locks and plastic locking mechanism would make us question the 460M’s long-term durability.

SCORE: 3 out of 5

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