Cullmann Concept One OH4.5V hybrid ball head review

May 28, 2015

Cullmann-Concept-One-OH4.5V-hybrid-ball-headCullmann Concept One OH4.5V hybrid ball head at a glance:

  • Hybrid photo/video head
  • Friction control
  • Detachable panhandle
  • Weight 650g
  • Load 7kg
  • Price £150
  • Website

If you’re a photographer who also likes to shoot video and habitually carries a tripod, then you’ve probably found yourself facinga dilemma over what head to choose. Stills photographers prefer ball-and-socket heads for their flexibility, compact size and relatively light weight, while videographers demand smoothly operating pan-and-tilt heads with a long control handle. On the face of it, these two requirements are mutually incompatible.

Cullmann is trying to square this circle with its new Concept One hybrid ball heads. In photo mode, these behave as perfectly normal ball heads, with a friction control and independently locking panning base. However, by lining up two arrows on the ball and the housing, then twisting a knob on the side of the head, the ball can be locked to move in one axis only. A long panhandle can then be slid into the quick-release platform, in effect transforming the head into a pan-and-tilt unit for video work. It can be quickly reset to stills mode by pulling out the side knob and twisting it back to its photo position.

Cullmann makes these heads in three sizes, with maximum loads ranging from 5kg to 16kg. Photo-only versions are also available without the video mechanism, with a video conversion kit if you change your mind later. On test here is the mid-sized OH4.5V model.

Cullmann Concept One OH4.5V hybrid ball head – key features

Pan scale

The independently locking panning base is marked at 2.5° intervals for panorama work

Quick-release plate

The 9cm-long dovetail plate has a standard ¼in screw and end-stop screws to prevent it sliding off the platform

Base thread

A standard 3⁄8in attachment thread allows use on most brands of tripod

Cullmann Concept One OH4.5V hybrid ball head – verdict

When used for stills, I found that the OH4.5V was solidly made and dependable, and capable of supporting a full-frame SLR with 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. The friction control offers a good range of drag, but it has no scale, so can’t be easily reset for different lenses or applications. In video mode, the OH4.5V offers reasonably smooth movements, although it can’t match a specialist fluid head.

A note of caution: the quick release employs an unusual diagonally sliding clamp with a locking lever, which means that it won’t accept many generic Arca Swiss-type plates. Also, the head has no bubble level. Overall, though, this is a pretty ingenious solution for those photographers who also like to shoot video.

SCORE: 4 out of 5

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