Cullmann Concept One 625C tripod

May 28, 2015

Cullmann-Concept-One-625CCullmann Concept One 625C tripod at a glance:

With a huge array of carbon-fibre tripods on the market, each manufacturer has to offer something a little different to stand out from the crowd. However, while Cullmann describes its Concept One range as innovative, there’s not a lot unusual here. The 625C sits between the larger 628C and lightweight 622TC in the range, with cheaper aluminium versions of each also available.

With four-section legs and twist locks, this 1.32kg tripod stands 131cm tall with the column down, and 157cm with it extended. Reverse-folding legs give a packed length of 44cm. Perhaps the best feature is the design of the three-position leg-angle locks, which are easily grippable collars at the top of each leg that spring solidly into place in each successive position as the legs are folded downwards. There’s a retractable weight hook on the centre column, a single bubble level on the main casting and each leg has a foam sleeve for comfortable carrying.

The rubber feet unscrew and can be interchanged with a supplied set of ground spikes, but while this is a nice touch, it’s less convenient than integrated retractable spikes. Likewise, while a short centre column is included for low-level shooting, fitting it requires a socket wrench to exchange the head platform – not an operation I’d relish carrying out in the field. Build quality is fine without being outstanding – for example, the centre column of our sample didn’t slide very smoothly.

Overall, the Cullmann Concept One 625C is a competent tripod with nice touches, but it falls short in some areas compared to its competitors. I suspect many photographers would be very happy with it, but other brands offer arguably more user-friendly designs for a similar price.

SCORE: 3.5 out of 5

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