Cullmann Amsterdam Maxima 520 at a glance:

  • Shoulder bag with removable padded insert
  • 36x20x17cm (internal)
  • 1.3kg
  • Price: £75
  • Website:

Inspired by the design and practicality of medical bags, the Cullmann Amsterdam Maxima 520 shoulder bag provides easy access to its entire contents upon opening. This happens by way of its reinforced lip, which pulls the top parts of the bag upright to reveal a spacious chamber lined with a removable padded inner.

The bag can accommodate a pro-level DSLR and telephoto lens combination, together with four or five additional lenses, or a further body alongside a couple of lenses and a flashgun. This inner is soft to the touch and chunky enough to provide ample protection, and the interior can be adjusted to fit different equipment. However, the dividers form three somewhat narrow rows, so while the bag easily accommodates standard lenses and flashguns, wider lenses only fit in with a squeeze.

The bag is replete with nice touches. The neoprene-covered handles incorporate magnets to adhere to each other, while the strap’s shoulder pad is similarly finished with neoprene for comfort. The water-repellent outer material is also complemented with a lining around the zip that hides the zip once closed to keep water out.

Two spacious outer pockets are ideal for a couple of filters or a lens cloth. Additional pockets on the lining are somewhat concealed by the inner compartment’s Velcro attachment, and these are joined by memory card slots, as well as spaces for three pens.

Cullmann-Amsterdam-Maxima-520-openCullmann Amsterdam Maxima 520 – key features


A mesh slot at the back allows the bag to be mounted on rolling luggage handles – handy for travelling.

Neoprene padded strap

The diagonally attached strap is designed with a neoprene-lined pad for comfort.


Feet at the bottom of the bag provide additional protection from knocks.

Cullmann Amsterdam Maxima 520 – our verdict

For its excellent protection and size-to-price ratio, this bag is recommended, although those interested are encouraged to look carefully at whether its inflexibilities won’t make carrying your specific kit awkward.

SCORE: 4 out of 5

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