COOPH rope strapCOOPH rope strap at a glance:

  • Different lengths available (100cm and 126cm)
  • Made from high-quality climbing rope
  • Available in four colours
  • Price: £55
  • Website:

The neck straps Leica provides with its cameras are known for being better than most, but rather basic in terms of their design and styling. One alternative that recently caught our attention is the COOPH rope strap – the latest collaboration between Leica and apparel manufacturer Cooperative of Photography (COOPH).

Manufactured from mountaineering rope and designed to provide ‘rugged elegance’, the strap features hand-sewn leather end pieces that are nicely embossed with the Leica logo and fitted with metal split-rings ready to attach to the camera’s strap eyelets. It’s also supplied with a pair of leather protection discs that slip over the eyelets and play a vital role in preventing the strap ring coming into contact with the camera, ensuring the body’s finish is kept pristine at all times. Those who like the look of the strap’s rugged, functional design have two sizes to choose from – there’s the standard 100cm length and a longer 126cm version for those who’d like their camera to rest slightly lower and closer to their hands.

COOPH rope strap – key features

Rope material

The strap is made from the same type of rope used for mountaineering. This gives it a highly durable and rugged feel.

Leather end pieces

The Italian leather end details are embossed with Leica and COOPH logos.

COOPH rope strapColours

The rope strap is available in four colours – night (black), glowing red, fire (red and black) and oasis (teal).

COOPH rope strap – our verdict

When you pay the amount you do for a Leica, you want it to feel safe and secure around your neck. The COOPH rope strap fits the bill very well. Our black review sample was well stitched and couldn’t be faulted in terms of its finish. It’s comfortable and practical, and felt particularly good with the Leica M10 it was paired with for testing. It won’t satisfy all tastes, and some may find it excessively bulky compared to a more basic strap. But for the adventurous Leica photographer who likes mountaineering or just wants to add character to their camera, we’d say it’s worth a look.

SCORE: 4.5 out of 5

Also in the accessories range

COOPH has gained a reputation as one of the major vendors of photographic apparel. Its gloves, T-shirts, hats and jackets are all purpose-designed with photographers’ demands in mind. The manufacturer also produces a small range of other accessories, including a vintage-style leather neck strap that’s been made for photographers who want stability, comfort and convenience all rolled into one. It’s made from the same material that’s used to make the leather end pieces for the rope strap and includes a nifty SD card holder. Available in three sizes (98cm, 108cm, 120cm) and three different colour schemes (black, tan or light brown and black), it costs £50.