Benro TMA28A Series 2 Mach3 Aluminium tripod

June 25, 2016

Benro TMA28A Series 2 Mach3 at a glance:

  • Capable of supporting up to 14kg
  • Maximum height of 155.5cm with centre column extended, and packs down to 52.5cm
  • Twisting leg locks
  • Price: around £119
  • Website:

Benro has expanded its already broad range with the TMA28A Series 2 Mach3 Aluminium tripod. As the name suggests, the legs are constructed of strong, lightweight aluminium. The spider and upper leg locks are made of durable magnesium alloy. It weighs 1.76kg which, while not particularly heavy, isn’t especially light, either. Benro quotes an impressive maximum payload of 14kg.

Packed down, the tripod measures 52.5cm. That’s reasonable, especially when you consider its maximum height is 155.5cm with the centre column extended.

Benro TMA28A Series 2 Mach3 key features

Weight hook

A small hook on the bottom of the centre column allows users to add weight to the tripod for extra stability. This hook can be unscrewed to flip the centre column upside down.

Monopod leg

One of the legs features foam padding. It can be unscrewed completely to double up as a monopod.

Spirit level

A bubble level on top of the tripod spider allows you to check if the tripod is level.

Foot spikes

For shooting in muddy conditions, Benro has included ground spikes. The rubber feet unscrew and the spikes can be screwed in.

Benro TMA28A Series 2 Mach verdict

With some tripods, the leg locks can be easily broken. Twist-lock legs are often reliable, though, and the Benro TMA28A’s appear to be very good. They’re rubberised and easy to twist open and closed. They also boast a feature that stops particles jamming them, which is a big bonus.

The leg angle locks have three positions in which the tripod can be spread out. The last is very wide, making it well suited for uneven locations such as a rocky beach.

While the centre column can be turned upside down for low-level shooting, there is an additional small centre column that comes inside the tripod bag. This is intended for ground-level shooting.

It’s not the lightest or most compact tripod, but it holds the middle ground in practically all areas, making it a solid all-rounder. What’s more, it’s steady, well made, has lots of extras as standard and does more or less everything an enthusiast photographer could ask of a tripod – all at a very affordable price.

SCORE 5 out of 5

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