4V Design Lusso Large leather camera strap review

May 15, 2016

4V Design Lusso Large leather camera strap at a glance:

  • Made from quality leather and cotton
  • Comfortable shoulder pad
  • Includes camera-fitting kit
  • Price: £79.97
  • Website:

One of the most interesting companies at The Photography Show in March was 4V Design. It produces a range of camera straps for compact cameras to DSLRs. It stood out because of the sheer quality of its products and the attention it pays to design. We tried the Lusso Large leather camera strap, the biggest in the company’s range. It’s primarily designed to hold a DSLR, but is suitable for anything substantial.

Most 4V Design products are made from leather, but this model features a 20mm wide cotton ribbon for the main part of the strap, with a Tuscany leather shoulder pad and detailing. On the underside of the shoulder pad is what 4V Design calls ultra-grip technology; in essence, it’s a material that gives the shoulder pad additional grip to prevent it rubbing. The pad has memory foam, too, to make it more comfortable. It’s shaped and curved so it’s ready to use straight out of the box, while as a final flourish its edges are hand painted.

Our review strap was black with black stitching, but there are other colours, including light brown tan with tan stitching and a dark green wash leather with cyan stitching.

4V Design Lusso Large – key features

Adjustable strap

The adjustment range is a generous 32-100cm, so it will suit most users.

Attachment band

The attachment band is used to secure the strap to the camera.

Inclusive fitting kit

The spring rings suit Nikon DSLR lugs better than Canon.

In use

While we prefer 4V Design’s full-leather Classic strap, the all-black Lusso strap is understated and does match up well with a black camera. The cotton is durable and supple, which makes it easy to scrunch up in your kit back. It’s clearly strong enough to hold a reasonable weight, too. In short, we found the 4V Design Lusso Large leather camera strap to be incredibly comfortable. It certainly made light work of carrying a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with a large lens.

SCORE: 5 out of 5

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