This wide-aperture zoom lens, which was announced at last year’s Photokina, has a fast constant aperture of f/1.7 and a 35mm equivalent focal range of 20-50mm, along with video-friendly silent…

Andrew Fusek Peters frog spawn

Following last year’s feature on how photography can help with mental health, Geoff Harris finds more stories that reveal the therapeutic power of image making

Wildlife photo ethics

The welfare of wildlife is far more important than any photograph. Paul Hobson explains all you need to know about the ethics and laws surrounding wildlife photography

Second-hand cameras

If you have a strict budget and aren't fussed about having the latest model then it might be worth considering a used camera, says Audley Jarvis

Barn Owl in flight

Barn owls are popular and photogenic birds; however they are a protected species. Oscar Dewhurst explains how and when to capture them with minimal disturbance

Amateur Photographer 8 June 2019 Cover

In AP 8 June, Andy Westlake busts the biggest photography myths from focusing to kit lens cliches & we test the Lumix FZ1000 II and Fuji’s XF16mm F2.8 R WR…

Nikon Z 6 field test

Geoff Harris spends some quality time with AP’s Product of the Year, the full-frame mirrorless Nikon Z 6, during two trips to Japan

The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) in partnership with The Photographic Angle is offering a one-year bursary to support a photographic project that will promote environmental awareness. The Society is looking for a…

Mirrorless benefits

Some DSLR users used to look down on mirrorless cameras, writes Angela Nicholson, but now mirrorless offers advantages that are convincing more and more


A location that could spring from the pages of The Lord of the Rings, Elgol is a magnet for landscape photographers, says Dave Fieldhouse

second-hand film cameras

Despite the convenience of digital, shooting with film cameras can still be rewarding. Andy Westlake takes you through some of his favourites

Mastering layers

Get to grips with this cornerstone of photo editing. James Paterson shows you how layers can be used for all kinds of techniques and effects

Amateur Photographer 1 June 2019 cover for web

In Amateur Photographer 1 June, how to improve your close-up shots, plus fashion legend Norman Parkinson, and a field test of Nikon's P1000 superzoom camera