Amateur Photographer 21 April 2018 front cover for web

In Amateur Photographer 21 April we see what can be achieved if you push your kit to its limits, be it wide apertures, fast/slow shutter speeds or high ISOs. Plus,…

Amateur Photographer 14 April 2018 Cover

In AP 14 April, we show you how to master the long-exposure technique for more creative pictures. Plus, we review the Canon EOS M50 and Olympus PEN E-PL9

Amateur Photographer 7 April 2018 cover for web

In Amateur Photographer 7 April we look at mirrorless cameras at different price points and the pros and cons of each. Plus, we test Samyang’s AF DSLR lens and much…

Amateur Photographer Cover 31 March 2018

AP 31 March focuses on insights and tips from some of the masters of landscape photography. Plus, we’ve got the hottest news from the CP+ 2018 trade show

Amateur Photographer 24 March 2018 cover

In Amateur Photographer 24 March, our Macro Special, top experts help you improve your macro shots. Plus we test Panasonic's GX9 and Tamron's 100-400mm lens

Amateur Photographer Cover 17 March 2018

In AP 17 March, learn to break free from the shackles of photography rules. We also preview the Sony A7 III and present the winners at the 2018 AP Awards

Amateur Photographer front cover 10 March 2018 for web

In Amateur Photographer 10 March we have tips to help you get sharper images, a guide to black and white film shooting, and essential smartphone photo apps. Plus, we get…

Amateur Photographer Cover 3 March 2018

In AP 3 March, our experts share their top tips on getting gorgeous flower shots and using flash to photograph garden birds. We also look at Fujifilm's X-H1 and test…

Amateur Photographer 24 Feb 2018 cover for web

In Amateur Photographer 24 February we share inspiring stories showing the psychological benefits of taking images, and we have a still-life masterclass

Amateur Photographer Cover 17 Feb 2018

AP 17 February includes the best home-printing tips and a guide to drone photography. We also test Canon's EOS 5D Mark IV and Reikan FoCal Pro software

Amateur Photographer cover 10 Feb 2018 for web

In Amateur Photographer 10 February, we explain the key considerations for shooting and developing black and white film. We also test Panasonic’s 200mm lens and we give you an overview…

Amateur Photographer Cover 3 Feb 2018

In AP 3 February, Dave Kai Piper shares tips for beautifully lit portraits. Plus, we review Canon's PowerShot G1 X Mark III and Sony's FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS

Amateur Photographer Cover 27 Jan 2018

AP 27 January is a practical guide on low-light shooting. We also speak to Fred Lyon about his classic San Francisco images and review Panasonic's Lumix G9 and Huawei Mate

Amateur Photographer 20 January 2018 Cover

In AP 20 January, we show you how to get brilliant garden bird images and Tim Rudman explains Darkroom Toning. We also review the Sony Alpha 7R III.

Amateur Photographer 13 January 2018 cover for web

In Amateur Photographer 13 January 2018, we explain how you can maximise dynamic range in your images for perfect exposures, and we field test Nikon's D850. Plus we show you…

Amateur Photographer 6 January 2018 cover for web

In Amateur Photographer 6 January 2018, we showcase readers' best people shots from APOY and also talk to a photographer who uses the wet collodion process – and we feature…

Amateur Photographer Cover 23-30 December 2017

AP 23-30 December is jam packed with loads of technique tips across photo genres, our favourite pics and kit and our readers’ favourite kit of the year

Amateur Photographer Cover 16 Dec 2017

In AP 16 Dec we teach you how to take stunning landscapes with minimal kit. We also test Canon's EF 85mm f/1.4L USM lens and Epson's ET-7700 EcoTank printer

Amateur Photographer Cover 9 Dec 2017

In Amateur Photographer 9 December 2017, we share 20 shortcuts on how to revolutionise the way you use autofocus. Plus, we test the Hasselblad X1D-50c

Amateur Photographer Cover 2 Dec 2017 for web

In Amateur Photographer 2 December 2017, we share 20 tips on how to photograph challenging subjects, from pets to macro. Plus, we test the Sony DSC-RX10 IV and Canon EOS