Sales of Nikon SLRs shot up by more than 27% in the year to 31 March - helping to boost the company’s global financial performance which, it says, ‘exceeded original

AP man features on BBC radio

AP's deputy editor Damien Demolder is due to star on BBC Radio Wiltshire tomorrow (Thursday) as part of a regular feature about photography. Damien - who is also AP's technical…

Jessops notched up a 10.4% increase in sales for the six months to 2 April during which time it opened 10 new stores.

A precious archive of photographs, glass plate negatives, equipment, books and manuscripts fetched almost £1/4million – over four times more than expected – at Sotheby’s auctioneers yesterday. Picture credit: Sotheby's

Crackdown on photography in New York escalates

Police are detaining a growing number of photographers while taking pictures on the streets of New York as part of anti-terrorism measures, according to television channel NY1.

Bus turns into a camera

A bus has been converted into a camera and will set off around London and Hertfordshire this month taking pinhole pictures as it passes by.

Police alerted over man’s deer pictures

A field sports enthusiast said he was made to feel like a ‘terrorist’ after a photography lab in Devon alerted police about his pictures of a dead deer.

Film prices to rise by up to 17%

Eastman Kodak is this month set to increase the price of its consumer and professional films by as much as 17%, blaming higher raw material and energy costs.

AP’s campaign leads to Guardian investigation

AP’s ongoing campaign for the rights of enthusiasts to freely take pictures in public places has prompted an investigation by The Guardian. Ten months after the 7 July terrorist attacks…

The first Citizen Journalism Awards is searching for the best images and video footage from non-professional contributors published in the mainstream media over the past year.

Claiming to respond to market research, Kodak has decided to release its second compact digital camera to feature two lenses, the latest model designed to deliver a total 10x optical…

Sony’s first digital SLR – which is expected to go on sale in UK shops this summer - will be quickly followed by a number of new lenses, AP has…