Cameras and flashguns in air terror plan

Terrorists planned to use bombs and stun guns disguised as cameras and flash attachments to hijack a plane at Heathrow Airport and crash it into Canary Wharf three years ago,…

Panasonic DSLR not out in UK until September

Panasonic's first digital SLR, the Lumix DMC-L1, will not go on sale in the UK until September, the company's UK office has told AP this morning. A UK spokesperson told…

Panasonic has today confirmed that its first digital SLR, the Lumix DMC-L1, will go on sale in Japan on 22 July. However, we are still waiting to hear from Panasonic…

Kodak has today taken the wraps off a new 7.1-million-pixel digital camera called the EasyShare P712 which is in shops this month priced a penny under £350.

Italy airport camera scare ‘sorted out’

A security crackdown at Pescara airport in Italy - where police reportedly confiscated digital cameras from British tourists’ hand baggage - is over, according to airport managers.

Kodak shut out of Buncefield until December

Kodak will not be able to move back to its base on the site of the Buncefield fuel depot explosions in Hertfordshire until December - a year after the disaster.

A new 10-million-pixel digital compact from Hewlett Packard (HP) is due to land in the UK later this year, the company’s UK office has confirmed.

Photo model in lucky escape

A photographic model accidentally fell from a moving bus when she mistook the exit door for a door to the vehicle’s bathroom, reports the Bureau of Freelance Photographers (BFP).

A photo commission worth £3,000 will go to the winner of this year’s travel photography competition hosted by the publisher of Insight Guides.

NEWSFLASH: Arnold Newman dies aged 88

Arnold Newman - considered to be one of the great masters of portrait photography - has died aged 88, his agency Getty Images confirmed this afternoon.

One of the most extensive collections of Leica cameras to ever appear at auction – said to span the entire history of Leica – is to go on sale at…

Sony has unveiled its first digital SLR, a 10.2 million pixel model called the a (alpha) 100 which will be compatible with Konica Minolta A-type bayonet mount lenses.

Nikon is celebrating after its D200 digital SLR beat 149 other cameras to win Japan’s Camera Grand Prix award 2006.

Paul Wombell, a former director of The Photographers’ Gallery in London, has been appointed the first full-time director of the Hereford Photography Festival. Picture credit: UPPA/Photoshot

Pentax has today unveiled two new 6.1-million-pixel digital SLRs one of which features a Pentax-developed CCD-shift Shake Reduction (SR) system.