Filters are a failsafe way of getting great landscape and travel shots in-camera. James Abbott shares some essential filter tips for perfect exposures every time

The features, released as part of the new “Picfair Plus,” gives photographers the option to connect their Store to a custom website domain, strip away Picfair branding, organise their images…

Amateur Photographer 17 Nov 2018 Cover for web

In Amateur Photographer 17 November we talk to the winners of the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society photo contest and the WPOTY winners, and test Sony's FE 24mm F1.4 GM Plus, colour-correction…

HDR natural-looking HDR Southwold Pier

A mere mention of high dynamic range (HDR) is enough to make many run a mile, but with careful use it can look great, reveals James Abbott

Amateur Photographer 10 Nov 2018 Cover

In AP 10 November, Matty Graham has tips on astrophotography, we share stories from WWI, and we test Canon’s EOS R and Benro’s FH100M2 filter holder

Lightroom search

Does the new version of the much-loved Lightroom editor have the edge over its Classic companion? James Paterson weighs the pros and cons of each

Autumn macro

The leaves are turning, fungi are sprouting on the forest floor, and wildlife is hoarding food – autumn is the perfect time to refine your macro skills, says Tracy Calder

Amateur Photographer Cover 3 November 2018 for web

In Amateur Photographer 3 November, we share top tips for working smarter, we test Fujifilm's X-T3, we talk to President Obama’s photographer, and much more!

Pedro Jarque Krebs Bird Photographer of the Year

The results of Bird Photographer of the Year 2018 are in! We speak to the winners to find out their top tips for bird portraiture


However strong your subject, your images stand or fall by the quality of the compositions. Ian Plant shares some tips for framing with impact